What Would Jarryd Do

The Gospel According to Jarryd

Jarryd Hayne spent much of his season with the 49ers sitting on the bench but it wasn't time wasted. The rugby league legend buried his head in the Good Book and the wisdom he gained is a gift to us all.

Rushcutters at Dusk

It's a blustery afternoon in Rushcutters Bay Park. The rustle of branches whipped by the wind is drowned out by the jangling of masts from the dozens of boats rocking in the bay...

Sydney After Dark

The Sydney sold in tourism ads is one of golden beaches, blue skies and a sparkling harbour. In a series of noirish photographs Christian Ferreiro, a graphic designer, has captured an altogether different place.

A Walk Through Woolloomooloo

"F*#king dogs!" A bloke with wild grey hair and a face creased with age and anger complains to his mate. "F*#king dogs are everywhere. Even two f*#king narcs at Wayside."

Plainclothes in the Cross

A group of police officers are loitering outside the station at Kings Cross, near the El Alamein fountain at the end of Darlinghurst Rd. They are out of uniform, in plainclothes.

Moroni and the Mormons

Mitt Romney was hoping to become America's first Mormon president. We revisit a piece that explores the beliefs of his misunderstood religion.

The Euro at the Star

Hundreds of Spanish and Italians headed to the Star to watch the final of Euro 2012, joining the Asians who dominate the floor of the casino in the early hours of the morning.