Exposing the Masons

August 27, 2012

Masons in Sydney

Look closely for the hidden masonic symbol of the compass and square

Sydney Outsider goes undercover to expose the secret society pulling the puppet strings in Australian politics.

Civic Tower, on the corner of Castlereagh and Goulburn Street, looks like an ordinary office building. Workers trudge in every weekday and rush out every weeknight. Smokers linger by the entrance furtively sucking back fags. Colleagues pretend to give a shit about each other’s weekend while they wait for a lift to take them to their cubicles.

But Civic Tower is no ordinary building. At its base is the SMC Conference and Function Centre. That sounds innocent enough until you learn that SMC stands for Sydney Masonic Centre. This building is home to the Freemasons’ United Grand Lodge of New South Wales; headquarters for a secret society that has played a shadowy role in the country’s history.

After a tip-off about the Freemason stronghold Sydney Outsider decided to investigate. Our intrepid reporter crept through the lobby of the building and slipped into an elevator, then rode to level three of the centre. As the doors slid open before him, he felt like the bloke Tom Hanks played in The Da Vinvi Code, discovering whatever he discovered. It was truly earth-shattering.

Sydney Masonic Centre

Locked behind glass cabinets, there were strange robes. There were wooden hammers and golden bells. There were gilt paintings of white-haired men in colourful outfits. There was a water cooler and pamphlets explaining how to become a Freemason.

The most disturbing thing was the collection of portraits showing Freemason Prime Ministers. Ten of out twenty-seven PMs were revealed as members of this secret society. Whose interest were they acting in when they ran the country? The people, or other Freemasons? Who knows? Is that one rhetorical question too many?

Sydney Outsider
left the building before the Freemasons discovered their security had been breached. Back on the streets the wind seemed colder, and the shadows deeper. There are forces out there, controlling our lives, we can only guess at. Reading this you have been warned: make sure others know.

Chris Ryan

The Museum of Freemasonry, 279 Castlereagh St, is open to the public Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


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  1. Barry says:

    Um, you should probably do your research a bit better and spot being so single sided and judgemental. If you stop trying to sneak a glimpse of the “secret society” and say hello to the receptionist you would realise you were not actually doing anything wrong, anyone can walk in and out as they please.
    This eary room you snuck into was actually the masonic museum, anyone can go there.
    Infact, if you said hello they probably would have been happy to give you a short tour and show you in the rooms (which people can hire for functions…).
    If you are really concerned about this terrible secret society that rule our country, why not just go to one of the open days where they offer guided tours and explanations to the public.
    Sorry to burst your bubble but you probably have more skeletons in the closet than they do…

    • Sydney Outsider says:

      Hi Barry, not sure that you made it to the end of the article but we actually gave the opening hours of the museum. The piece is a light hearted poke at conspiracy theories. Hopefully it prompts a few people to investigate the museum themselves and they find how open the Masonic community really is.

  2. The tawny prince says:

    Much is made of the not so secret work of the Masons.

    Far less known of the Wrens, a society Australian in culture and original of intent. Of those descended from the broad arrow, those who see through the fog.

    Th most secret society in Australia, but long established at the most successful school in NSW; one named after another of the first.

    Wren’s Day is coming.


  3. Thor says:

    [This comment has been edited. It would be fair to say Thor isn't a fan of Freemasons] We only need basic laws like don’t burn down someone’s house or don’t murder people not bullshit like no exploring abandoned buildings

  4. J says:

    Chris Ryan,

    just to clarify and add on top of the other comments.

    You certainly do not have to sneak in to find out about all that, you can just call the lodge either, United or Germania and they can arrange for someone to walk you through.

    I’m a Freemason.

    • Sydney Outsider says:

      J, it’s obviously not clear to people who are new to this website and aren’t familiar with the tone, but if you read JJ’s comment you’ll understand the gist of this piece.

  5. JJ says:

    Me thinks a lot of people missed the point of this story, to make fun of the conspiracy theories surrounding Freemasonry – and I am a Freemason

    • Sydney Outsider says:

      Glad someone got it JJ. The opening hours of the museum (which is definitely worth a visit) at the end was meant to be a clue.

  6. Tuppence says:

    Chris Ryan-If you want to know-ASK. You do not have to be a sneak to find out what you Assume things to be. Assume makes an ass out of U and me.I have been in Freemasonry 50 years and like any group sometimes there is conflict- But I would rather trust a Mason than a stranger or Friend for Honesty and genuine help! How much do you do in the community with silent charitable works. Masons do $millions unseen every year,maybe a good topic for your next story to get a step up the ladder.

  7. Chris Ryan says:

    What shadowy role was I referring to?, I made that up.

  8. FFS says:

    Sydney outsider is pulling his own string

  9. Xfiles says:

    How surprising, a reporter has a story after a five minute visit.
    From my experience to date as a freemason I have learnt that the craft is about self improvement and helping others along the way to reaching your own full potential. I am not surprised that some of the men who have made it to the top are Freemasons, I can assure you they worked thier arse off to get there. If we controlled the world we would live in solid gold houses and every man would be banging down our door to join.

  10. John J says:

    Tongue in cheek or no, many wouldn’t get the attempted humour. The lies and mis-information constantly directed at Freemasonry is boarding on ridiculous.
    The secretiveness, of Freemasonry was to allow anonymity in doing charitable work within the community, to allow ‘good men, become better men’ without invasion and, as a result, the community benefits twofold; the underprivileged were helped without embarrassment and the individual Mason learns to be the best person he can be.

    Due to lies about goats (originating from goats being used to maintain the lawn around Masonic Centres during bad economic times and to provide milk as part of the meals after meetings; so that any money saved would be used for charitable deeds), from devil worship (totally contrary to Masonic ideals), to sacrifices (just plain daft), the idea of anonymity certainly encouraged, rather than discouraged such ideas.

    Masonry is NOT a religion but a means of helping men be the best they can be; morally, with Integrity, Trust, Honesty and charitable work encouraged.

    Religion and Politics are banned from discussion within the Lodge, as we accept all good men, from all backgrounds.

    The only secrets we guard are our rituals, passwords and handshakes (the last 2 as means of recognition). We’re not such a secret society any more!

  11. thomas #110 says:

    I take offence to this one sided report. Freemasons is NOT a secret society rather than a group of upright men who accept all people of any ethnic, religious or cultural background. Yes they’. Have secrete shakes words knocks ect but it is no different Than any other group. On a further note Freemasons do not actively search for political people to be a member and last I checked the Australian people decided members of parliament NOT a so called secret society who allows people to go into there buildings without any hesitation.
    Shame maybe you should ask to visit a lodges festive dinner and ask as many questions as you want you might be amazed how much they will tell you.

  12. Lincoln says:

    No alter, but there WAS a bed for making love to them.

    Seriously though… nothing sinister here. Go and have a look. I giggled at the “Knights Templar” order robes.

  13. Pete says:

    Not exactly a hidden symbol is it? And not exactly too secret if it is open to the public Monday to Friday…….

  14. Abraham says:

    Where was the alter for sacrificing goats?

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