In the last few months Sydney Outsider has been inundated with emails from concerned readers, wondering what has happened to Sydney’s most respected gig reviewer and the website’s most popular contributor, Tim Gonzarelli, aka, Tim “Gonzo” Ryan (pictured left).

Gonzo has not been taken out of action by concert promoters outraged by his fearless reporting. And he isn’t restricted to a hospital ward on dialysis while he waits for a transplant to replace his booze-ravaged kidneys.

Instead he has skipped the country and headed to the United States where he is working on a doco investigating offbeat American subcultures – and growing a beard.

During the project he has canned on with teenagers at Spring Break, hung out with porn stars, ridden with nude cyclists through the streets of Portland, Oregon, and toured Seattle with real-life superheroes.

To keep track of Gonzo’s adventures you can like his facebook page. If you’ve always dreamt of being a film producer you can learn more about the project and chip in some cash here.