“Go back where you came from!” If a drunk screamed it on a bus, there’s a fair chance they’d be filmed on an iPhone, shown on the 5 o’clock news, and widely condemned for their bigotry and stupidity.

But if you’re Rowan Dean, editor of The Spectator Australia (a rarely-sighted magazine), such a boorish, bigoted sentiment passes for an incisive comment.

The reason Dean spewed such a hateful sentiment is that Tim Soutphommasane, Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner, said that Australian media and business is too dominated by Anglo-Celtics.

If you have ever worked in journalism – or the advertising world that Dean crawled out of – you wouldn’t try to argue against the point: it’s self evident in every newsroom and ad agency. To prove Soutphommasane’s claim, you only need to look at Dean’s TV show, Outsiders. It featured unhinged political has-beens Ross Cameron and Mark Latham. Their main qualification for television: being rejected by the voting public. If you weren’t white but were as unwelcome as those two, the only television show you’d appear on is Border Security.

Dean defends Anglo-Celtics against Soutphommasane’s non-attack, saying they “had given their lives to create the peace-loving culture that we have.” Is there anything more nauseating than a milksop like Dean – who would soil his undies at the threat of physical confrontation – claiming kinship with generations past who went into battle? It’s a given that no one sacrificed their life so this man-child could spout drivel on Sky News.

Full of unwarranted pride in Australia, Dean tells Soutphommasane, who was born in France, “If you don’t like it…hop on a plane and go back to Laos.” What an unmitigated arsehole.

Dean worked in advertising, and by some accounts was accomplished at it. He should know the power of words. Next time a woman is screamed at on a bus for looking “different”, or abused on a train for speaking a language other than English – when some hateful drunk yells, “Go back where you came from,” he might be able to claim a little credit.

It’s unlikely he’d have enough empathy to feel any shame. But the fact that this spiteful piece of shit writes columns for the Australian Financial Review and has a platform on Sky News, that’s something all Australians should be ashamed of – whether they’re Anglo-Celtic or not.

Image © Ariel Dovas used under this licence.