T101 Tea & Cone Pizza
186-190 Church St, Parramatta

Ali Kaneet pays tribute to a couple of food visionaries changing the way that pizza is eaten in Sydney.

There are famous food combos that have passed the test of time: think fish and chips, strawberries and cream, ten schooners and a doner kebab. If a visionary pair in Parramatta have their way, years from now you won’t be able to think of tea without hankering for pizza.

The food fusion is the work Eric Liu and Frank Chou. Their store in Parramatta has dozens of blends of tea and half a dozen pizza-topping combos. But they aren’t throwing up any ordinary old pizzas. These pizzas come as cones rather than in slices. And you thought Heston Blumenthal was creative in the kitchen.

I order the Mexican Sausage pizza cone. In an indication that this a restaurant that plays fast and loose with culinary rules, the menu lists the sausage in question as salami rather than chorizo. These guys are real mavericks.

The ping of the oven as I wait a couple of minutes for my pizza evokes memories of quality microwaved meals like magi noodles and Mrs Mac’s pies. I know that I’m in for a treat.

The cone isn’t as crispy as I had hoped. Towards the bottom it is almost spongy. That criticism aside, I’m pleased with the integrity of the cone as I chew through it. There is no spillage and the piping-hot ingredients only burn my tongue and not my hand.

The amount of filling the cone contains is surprising: it is some sort of cheese Tardis that manages to hold more mozzarella than ever you’d hope judging by the outside dimensions. In fact the cheese is almost all I taste.

I leave the restaurant excited about the Sydney food scene. What’s next? Hamburgers in cubes, doner kebabs in pyramids? Whatever the trend, Parramatta is poised to be at the centre of the next food revolution.