He’s the hero Sydney deserves, but not the one it needs right now. A masked man who pulls cones and post videos: he is The BongLord.

Fans praise him as a brilliant performance artist and a fearless marijuana activist. His detractors think he’s a criminal, appealing to the worst elements of society. Most people – if we’re being honest – aren’t bothered either way.

With more Facebook fans than Scott Cam, and more screen time than Asher Keddie, he’s the cult hero going mainstream fast. We spoke to the masked enigma, who until now hasn’t said much more than, “I am the BongLord,” before punching cones in his online videos.

You’ve got tens of thousand of fans. What do you put this down to?

“I’d like to think it’s from the content I put up, like literally every video out of the 40 I have up so far are all crazy bong hits no one has ever seen.”

What’s your proudest achievement as The BongLord?

“Making people smile and laugh.”

Are there any responsibilities that come with the title?

“Smoke all and every cone that is offered to me no matter the size.”

Masks are associated with criminals or superheroes. What do you consider yourself, and why?

“To some I’m a hero, to some I’m a villain. To all I am The BongLord.”

How did you become The BongLord?

“On the magical day The BongLord came into the world it wasn’t like a normal birth. Usually a mother’s water breaks and she rushes to the hospital. As BongLord’s mother’s water broke she smelt the stench of bong water and knew she wasn’t giving birth to any normal kid. As she calmly walked to the hospital and gave birth there was no screaming, just complete silence. The BongLord slid out holding a bong in one hand and a lighter in the other. The doctors and nurses got on their knees and bowed as they realised what was happening. A new hero was born. It was the one, the only, The BongLord. Legend has it The BongLord stayed in his mother’s womb for an extra three months because he was already so stoned and wasn’t fucked coming out when he was due. Long story short, he was born for this.”

What’s so great about bongs?

“The real question is, ‘What isn’t great about bongs?'”

What’s your message to people who are anti-bong?

“People who are anti-bong are people who haven’t even had a bong in their life.”

What would the world look like if you were running the show?

“Everyone would be stoned as fuck. I would arrange an event for the whole world to smoke a bowl together at the same time under my command, to represent that we are all one. ”

What can we expect from the Bong Lord in the future?

“A fuckload of more videos, BongLord merchandise including shirts, hoodies, masks, glass bongs and way more. Stay tuned – this is only the beginning.”

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